Academics and Corona

         Dr. Suwarna Shidore       Faculty – IndSearch       23rd April 2020 It’s the beginning of April, 2020. Almost a month before, in March 2020, the arrival of the Novel Coronavirus in India disrupted the normal lifestyle of all the people in the country regardless of their power and position. Only essential services are exception to this case as per the Government Order in this horrible situation in India. Isolation is the ONLY solution to fight against this global enemy in the form of a virus. Traditionally the months of March and April are very crucial in MBA teaching institutions as teachers are trying to complete syllabus and students are getting ready for submissions and preparing for Mid term and Final examinations. But 2020 picture is exceptional and unique due to the pandemic…There is a fear…there is an uncertainty….everyone is worried and trying to maintain social distancing….people are opting to work from home, schools are closed, shops are closed, market is closed, hot

Raising of funds in times of battle and despair!

         Prof. Nilaya Murthy       Faculty, IndSearch       23rd April 2020 With a message that ‘Charity begins at home’ – Our Honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi, President Ram Nath Kovind, Vice-President, Cabinet Ministers, Governors of all states and all Members of Parliament will take 30% pay cuts for a year and contribute to combat this Corona crisis and menace by signalling to all classes be it rich or economically backward that our aim is to emerge victorious in this grand fight against the pandemic. So folks, till when do we have to wait for the storm to pass or are we blinded by the adage- This too shall pass! Well, being positive is what we need in difficult times, but is our economy responding the way we wish it to? The Covid 19 has given us enough of reasons that economy is slowing down if not sinking altogether. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has stated that the economic uncertainty related to coronavirus is exceptionally high than any past pandemic. Our former

“Create your day in advance by thinking the way you want it to go, and you will create your life intentionally.” – ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne.

         Prof. Devki Jain       Faculty, IndSearch       27th April 2020 Dear students, Cheer up!! I think that it is the right time to practise this amidst the uncertain surroundings we all are facing today due to the pandemic of Covid-19.This pandemic has caught us unaware while we all are at different stages of our lives. So, I thought of having a word with the youth, keeping in mind my students of IndSearch BMS and MBA. This crisis has brought along a lot of questions, difficulties, and challenges for each one of us, no matter how different. One common problem that we all are facing is the uncertainty about where our lives will be at after a month or two. Young people across the world are experiencing anxiety regarding their education and career due to the sudden indefinite global standstill. Most of them have specific plans and goals in regards to their graduation and higher studies. They also have a certain career path in their mind that they are hoping for. As most industries ar

What the Organizational Core Values Mean to the Business?

        Prof. Anand Chitanand       Faculty – IndSearch, Pune       30th April 2020 In my initial days of service, I often wondered about the Quality Policy, Vision, Mission and Core Values boards displayed in our company. Our company had made it mandatory for each new employee to undergo a training on Vision, Mission statements and Core Values. I was unable to relate these statements and words in real working life. One incidence in those early days of my career cleared all the confusion in my mind about the importance of Organizational Vision, Mission statement and Core Values. A key account customer was promised of an engineering experiment to be carried out on one of their equipment. The experiment, if proved successful, had a potential to save huge fuel cost. Our R&D was not sure of the success of the experiment. At the same time, there was a debate that the experiment would incur a significant cost which was not budgeted, so R&D was not ready to carry out the experiment. W

Few thoughts on aspects of economy in a situation of global pandemic

         Prof. Amey Tawde       Faculty, IndSearch       8th May 2020 Covid 19 has not just infected patients but the entire world economy at large. So much so that just thinking about what can be the scenario in the near future made the German finance minster commit  suicide. This defines the gravity of the situation even after keeping in mind that Germany is most economically and politically stable country of Europe particularly after Brexit incident. As the paramedical staff is working on the frontline to save lives, This pandemic has taken economic experts across the world back to their drawing boards  for discussing and designing strategies to kick start this near halted economic engine.  Now to start an engine one can make use of two techniques, cold start and warm start technique. If a car is standing still for a longer period of time there are high chances of battery getting discharged. So one needs to first charge the battery which takes some time and energy and then start the

Inclusion of women in combat roles in the Indian Army

         By Prof. Nilaya Murthy       Faculty, IndSearch       8th May 2020 With India’s top court stating that women will be allowed in all combat roles in the Indian Army; where are we heading to? Is it really a gender parity which we’rewitnessing in this male dominated bastion? Or is it only an idea where we are hell bent in romanticizing the fact of women in combat roles? So,are we ready to implement this fresh move and take the Indian Army one step forward, thus creating history yet again?  It is said, when a coin is tossed, there is a probability of a head or a tail. Though we would like to see women as prime achievers in every field today, our story here also has its flip side. Worldwide statistics shows that the strongest Armies like US and Israel,where a number of women have lost their lives in direct combat like air crashes, improvised explosive devices and medical reasons, have their share of physical limitations. The issues include physical strength, stature and body compos

Leadership Lessons from the COVID 19 pandemic

        Dr. Aparna Tembulkar       Director, IndSearch       13th May 2020 This blog is not so much about the COVID 19 pandemic, as it is about the Leadership Lessons that this Pandemic is teaching us. It clearly signals that we need more Women Leaders. Yet according to the United Nations, as of January 1, 2020, only 10 out of the 152 heads of elected states are Women, and less than 5% of Fortune 500 Companies have Women CEOs according to a research article published in the Harvard Business Review in June 2019 and the numbers are on the decline globally Over the last few weeks I have been reading several articles about Women Leaders and their response to this crisis. All articles pointing to how Women leadership has been able to tackle the crisis more efficiently and why?One article, I remember, was in the Forbes magazine, titled “What do Countries with the best Corona virus response have in Common? Women Leaders”. Be it Angela Merkel in Germany, Tsai -Ing Wen in Taiwan, Jacinda Ardren